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A Story About Living with Plants


Type: City Apartment 

Location: Tel Aviv

Size: 100 sqm

Date: 2022

Photography by Sivan Askayo

What is the importance of plants in a person's home living space?

This is the story about a 95 square meter apartment with 4 fronts and full of light that as part of a renovation is dealing with this question.

The love of the members of the house for growing house plants challenged us to find surprising design solutions all over the house.

Examples of solutions can be seen in opening a balcony to the green boulevard at the expense of the living room space, planning furniture that is adapted to growing plants and thinking ahead about utilizing areas for growing plants even at height, and even in the bathroom.

In this project, we were learned about the family's passion for growing plants.

Flower pots popped up from all over, all combined with the treetops of the boulevard outside and the pleasant sunlight - creating an exciting living environment.

It is said that 70% of the earth's population lives in cities. This is a figure that stands against the established knowledge that indicates how important nature is to us.

During Covid, we saw how much we needed the balcony or any open space for our well-being. Moreover, studies show how the natural environment heals the physical and mental health, increases happiness, and even affects our creativity. Indeed, the trend of growing house plants gained momentum and was received with love in many.

We chose a gorgeous store lighting fixture. Those who know our works have already seen it in our Allenby project.

One of the first things the customers asked for at the beginning of our joint work is the same lighting fixture.

It was also really right for our “green living” project.

It is made of natural materials and has a morphology taken from the plant world, in the form of flower petals and the caramel color is chosen according to the pastel colors of the house.

Sderot Chen High Rez-106.jpg
Copy of Sderot Chen online rez-41.jpg
Sderot Chen online rez-40.jpg

We wrapped the entrance hall with carpentry, which makes it possible to store all of the entryway's stuff: glasses, a dog leash, bags.... We also incorporated a bench that allows you to sit down immediately when you enter the house and take off your shoes. This carpentry rotates inside and also becomes the kitchen's storage cabinets. We usually call this carpentry system the "cube".

Sderot Chen online rez-50.jpg
Sderot Chen High Rez-64.jpg
Sderot Chen online rez-27.jpg
Sderot Chen online rez-26.jpg
Sderot Chen online rez-25.jpg
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