Interior Design






We believe that elastic design is as relevant as an elastic state of mind. 
We are continuously changing according to our evolving needs and preferences.
We must be our most creative and flexible to adjust smoothly to the signs of the times.

Our living spaces should be customized for the intricacies in our lives.



Our daily life full of habits. Some of them are good habits so it’s important for us to keep them but on others we will be happy to skip. Research proves that our choices and preferences can be crafted by the environment around us.


Suddenly, it becomes apparent that we don’t need to be motivated or incentivized to take action — we simply need to be surrounded by the right cues.





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A Part of our design process is letting you share with us your favourite memories and memorabilias and incorporating into the new space the items you just can’t let go of.


It’s also important for us to be aware of your affection towards materials, textures and colors and to take them into account so that your home will represent you authentically.


Time to play

Play is fundamental need that we tend to lose as we grow up.


When we play, our body release endorphins that makes us happy. We believe that planning spots at home that allow playfulness mood and interaction among family members are necessary.


Being Alone


Being social species, relationships are crucial for our happinesses. We live in reality in which the technology isolates us from social interaction and while open space plans have been a design trend in residential architecture for decades now, they have at times proven to be too open and sent family members back to their rooms where they can keep in doing their thing.


We are here to provide you with ideas that will allow you yet to maintain that family communal area with great ideas on how to create individualised spaces within.

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When we are in a state of flow, we are at the peak of our happiness. You are free to choose your own furniture and to arrange it in the way you want, but that doesn’t guarantee flawless interior design. We believe that in order to reach flow at home we have to organize the functions into one central element, which allows free movement in space. The result is maximum comfort , control and confidence while moving in space.

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