A Story About an Elastic Apartment

Type: Bauhaus City Apartment 

Location: Tel Aviv

Size: 95 sqm

Date: 2017

Photography by Itay Benit

This story is about a couple and their 3 daughters who did not want to leave their central Tel-Avivian neighborhood although their apartment felt a bit tight.  After understanding their exact needs for the next years we planned elastic space that will be able to grow and develop with its tenants.

Glass division between the grownups part that is neat and tidy most of the time and the part of the living room where the kids can play and make a mess. In addition it allowes to be in one space but to do separate things. 



Mixing vintage vanity, original brick wall, ultra modern geometric tiles and monoblock toilet

This unit includes beds, closets and desks for 2 girls in 1 room when 1 is up and 1 is down.

The desk can be inside or outside, open or close, and the room is changing in accordance.

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