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A Story About An Accessible Penthouse


Type: An adolescent couple penthouse

Location: Central region

Size: 130 sqm indoor + 30 outdoor 

Date: 2016

Photography by Yoav Gurin

This is a story about a young couple in their mid-70’s who moved from a big villa

to a one-level city penthouse. They had a lot of expectations from this change.

They wanted to add a breath of fresh air into their lives, and enjoy their free time at the most comfortable place. We helped them fulfill their wishes by planning a lot of storage room for all their memorabilia as well as accessibility passages. We gave spouse’s

a private kingdom (as they like to define it)


The result was very pleasing. They were satisfied that their new place was planned exactly for their needs and even though the apartment was much smaller than their former house - it could easily host their kids and family.

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